ECO2box / white filter (OVAL model 80mm H)

Crystal-clear polypropylene
Height 80 mm
Base 125 x 65 mm
Top and cover 150 x 90 mm
Packaging 25 pcs in sealed bag, 14 bags in carton box
Filter White filter (L)


A new generation of tissue culture vessels with a revolutionary breathing system, your guarantee for carefree micro propagation!


• All boxes are equipped with a “breathing” hermetic cover.

• The cover is constructed out of parallel strips of cristal-clear plastic with intermittent narrow strips of filter material welded between them. This results in two parallel batteries of filters.

• Each filter battery consists of a double row of filter wicks, i.e. micro-channels filled with hydrophobic filter material.

• To adjust gas exchange two different types of colored filters are available.

Type Color Filter Length

L White 3.5 mm,

XXL Green 7.0 mm

Gas exchange will increase as a result of filter length.

Its advantages:

• Adjustable gas exchange: this occurs by means of depth filtration through the numerous filter wicks. The length of these filter wicks can be adapted to the needs of the plant species being raised, thus avoiding vitrification.

• No danger of infection: the hermetic cover and the resilient filter material, which forms a perfect barrier against pests and secondary contamination.

• Recyclable: 100%, filter, vessel and cover are made of polypropylene.

• Eco 2 box and OS 140 box are not autoclavable.

• Properties: crystal-clear polypropylene.

• Dimensions: vessel height: 80 mm

vessel base: 125 mm L x 65 mm W

vessel top and cover : 150 mm L x 90 mm W

• Packaging : vessels: 25 p. / sealed bag (350 (14 x 25))

covers: 25 p. / sealed bag (350 (14 x 25))

vessels and covers together in 1 carton.

These boxes are STERILE packed but NOT autoclavable, separate lids are not available.

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  • 1 box 350set
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