CAS number 36791-04-5
Molecular weight C8H12N4O5 = 244.2
Assay > 98 %

Ribavirin is a synthetic nucleoside analogue structurally related to guanine. Ribavirine inhibits the replication of a wide range of RNA and DNA viruses. The antiviral mechanism of action of Ribavirin is not fully defined, but relates to alteration of cellular nucleotide pools and inhibition of viral mRNA synthesis. Intracellular phosphorylation of ribavirin into phosphate derivatives is mediated by host cell enzymes. Ribavirin monophosphates competatively inhibit cellular inosine-5’-phosphate dehydrogenase and interfere with the synthesis of guanosine triphospha-te (GTP) and thus nucleic acid synthesis in general. Ribavirin triphosphate also competively inhibits the GTP dependent 5’-capping of viral mRNA.

Storage condition

  • Store at room temperature
  • Freely soluble in water

Hazard statements

  • H360 May damage fertility or the unborn child

Precautionary statements

  • P201 Obtain special instructions before use
  • P281 Use personal protective equipment as required
  • P308 IF exposed or concerned:
  • P313 Get medical advice/attention
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