Sterivent Low Container 107 x 94 x 65 mm

Low model Steri Vent Container. New design contains many functional and ergonomical improvements. The Steri Vent is made of highly purified and totally transparent polypropylene, which results in a firm and crystal clear plant tissue culture container. Steri Vent containers are sterilized during the production process and do not need gamma irradiation, which causes discoloration of the polypropylene and detrimental chemical reactions.


The newly developed labyrinth closure guarantees a hermetically closed container for Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi. Although hermetically closed, the Steri Vent allows a continuous ventilation with the outer atmosphere. There is a continuous exchange of fresh air from the outside and volatile components from the inner side of the container. Another positive result of this air replacement is a severely reduced rate of condensation within the Steri Vent.


The Steri Vent is a rectangular shaped container available in two sizes.

High Model with dimensions (lxbxh), 107 x 94 x 96 mm

Low model with dimensions (lxbxh), 107 x 94 x 65 mm.

Both sizes allow a very efficient use of the available space in the climate room.

The lid is designed in such a way that the raised hood in the middle of the lid functions as a grip that avoids contamination when touching the container while closing. The manner to take hold of the hood is easily recognized by its curved shape, which allows fast and easy opening and closing.

Inside the containers are small circular rigs to permit a smooth de-stacking of the sterile containers packed in polypropylene bags.Spacers on the outside of the bottom of the Steri Vent provide a fixed space between two piled containers with an improved aeration between separate piles of containers.


At own risk about 1-2 times possible. Max 125 degrees C for 15 min. Do not stack during this process!

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