Scalpel Handle ergonomic, 24cm, stainless steel

Dimensions 24 cm
Overall length 11 cm
Grip length 13 cm
Shaft length 41 gram

In cooperation with tissue culture laboratories Duchefa Biochemie bv has developed an new ergonomically shaped scalpel handle to facilitate a good and well balanced firm grip of the tool while cutting plantlets. The hexagonal shaped grip with a diameter of 10 mm positions the fingers in an ergonomically position allowing a firm hold without cramping fingers and wrist. To avoid weight the grip is made hollow and is in a good weight balance with the extended shaft. By extending the shaft the risk of contamination caused by manual contact is minimized and a safe distance to the plant material is guaranteed.Dimensions: Overall length 24 cm, grip length11 cm, shaft length 13 cm, weight 41 gram

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